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Tonie Sephus

HR and Finance Manager

Tonie has 30 years of Postal Service commitment, with over ten years of which she served in financial accounting and payroll. She has also exercised two years prior to the Postal Service, as a secretary/bookkeeper in a non-governmental business capacity. Her expertise has shown her to be competent and diligent with an integrity for accuracy.

Tonie is a mother of two successful adults and holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Accounting from Jackson State University. She utilized her degree to excel into self-proclaimed proprietorship as a seamstress specializing in wedding attire.

As a Christian, she believes that she can do all things through Christ, who is the head of all things. As a person, she believes that we all are created equal and as a woman, she believes that multitasking is a must. Her motto is “You can do nothing wrong, when all you’re trying to do is right. Because anything that’s broken can be mended and anything that’s missing can be fulfilled.”

Tonie is proud to be a part of The Bean Path team, knowing that she can contribute greatly to its future success.


Tonie Sephus
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