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Kanika Welch

Interim, Executive Director

Kanika Welch is a service-oriented leader and programming director passionate about education and training. She is also an inspirational speaker and an award-winning published author. Her book, The Debt Pay-Off Plan, debuted at #1 in the Business Reads category on Amazon Kindle. Kanika’s diverse background spans working in libraries, government agencies, unions, and Mississippi school districts. It has taken her all over, from Washington, DC, to Utah and West Africa, where she served as lead trainer in the United States Peace Corps. These experiences have guided her to find meaningful work as the Interim Executive Director of The Bean Path. The Bean Path is a non-profit organization that provides technical advice and guidance to individuals and small businesses in the community. Here, Kanika oversees operations and volunteer coordination. She enjoys traveling the world during her leisure time, cooking her favorite global dishes, and relaxing with family and friends.


Kanika Welch
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