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Dr. Creston Burse

Deputy Director

Dr. Creston Burse is a proud Jackson, MS native and Jackson Public Schools baby. Creston holds degrees in Business Information Systems, an MBA with a concentration in Information Systems Management and a doctoral degree in Strategic Foresight. He is technology agent, strategic foresight & strategy pilot, and innovation practitioner. He serves as the Chief Information Security Officer at MINACT, Inc. and is the owner and captains the ship at the Bemae Group. The Bemae Group is ground zero where technology and strategic foresight collide, they leverage strategic foresight tools to help with every aspect of organizational improvement, assessment, and development. His passion and grind are rooted in the four principles of the Bemae Group: technology, strategic foresight, policy, and advocacy. ​​​​​​​​


Dr. Creston Burse
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