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AI for Business & Entrepreneurs

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Week 2

Week two offers diverse learning and networking opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with AI enthusiasts, trainers, and mentors. You will get the chance to take a look at Microsoft’s AI Learning Platform, learn how to get free development certificates in AI, as well as meet the AI Agency team.  

Tues 7th

AI Mixer: Meet the AI Team, Agency & Microsoft Guest Speaker


This event is for techies and non-techies who are interested in meeting the AI community, learning about Microsoft's free, certified AI Learning initiative, & signing up for free AI Consultations with the AI Agency. JJ Townsend, Microsoft Philanthropies will present the platform & the AI Agency before kicking of the networker & nibbles


Time:    6pm - 8pm 

Thurs 9th

AI Tools for Entrepreneurs 


David Collins, with Innovate Mississippi, has been a business consultant for 10 years and is a leading AI expert in Mississippi. His talk will equip entrepreneurs with essential AI knowledge and tools to boost business efficiency and innovation by streamlining operations, enhancing decision-making, and improving customer engagement. Whether you are a solo entrepreneur or running large business teams this is a must for you.  You will also get a chance to meet the AI agency & book a free consultation. 


Time: 6pm - 8pm

AI-Themed Makerspace Workshops


For the month of May, all Makerspace workshops are AI-themed. This series of workshops include robotics and ceramics. Workshops are FREE to all teachers. 

All our Makerspace workshops are AI-themed throughout the month. This evening includes robotics and ceramics.


Time: 6pm - 8pm

Sat 11th

AI Pitch Day: Prep for July

In July at the AI Conference , the Mississippi AI Collaborative is hosting an AI Pitch Competition. David Collins, Innovate Mississippi Business Consultant & AI Expert will  help you get pitch perfect by designing and fine-tuning your innovative AI business ideas whether for July or just to develop your  essential skills and strategies to attract investors through compelling narratives that stand out in the competitive business arena." 


Time: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

AI Agency Open Hours: Consultations & AI Thon Support


Get support with your AI Thon certificate course or a consultation with the AI Agency team.


Time: 10am - 3pm

AI Themed Makerspace Workshop


For the month of May, all Makerspace workshops are AI-themed. This workshop includes  jewelry making using the laser cutter. Workshop is FREE to all teachers. 

Time: 10am - 12noon

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